Building a Chicken Coop

Tips for Building a Chicken Coop

claim your FREE e-courseIf you are thinking about raising chicken in your backyard, then obviously you are going to need to build a chicken coop at one time or another. Building a Chicken Coop can be a challenging project that requires proper preparation but if you know what to look for, then it should go smoothly. One thing worth considering is the fact that chickens do not really care what their home looks like; it is only you who needs to be comfortable with it in the end. Therefore, when estimating how much it will cost to build, it you might want to settle for materials that will not cost a fortune.

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After you have considered space and size among other things, it almost always boils down to money and how much you can save. Decide what material you want the house to be made of and check out your local bargain builder supply outlet to see what you can get from there. It is common for each area to have stores with recycled and reclaimed material for construction so that should be a good place to start. In addition, if you go online, you may also find people giving away lumber and that could help you save on cash.

Next on your mind when Building a Chicken Coop should be size and not just the general size of the structure but how each chicken will fit into it because that will invariably affect productivity. There should be ample space for each chicken to move around; preferably, at least 1 square foot for each chicken. Nesting boxes should be considered too, and there should be one for every three hens. You want the chicken to have plenty of natural light and to be able to access food and water without difficulty because in the end it will maximize egg production.


One other crucial issue to look at before starting on construction is the location. It is always advisable to settle for a location on a slope so that water can drain from the coop so the chickens do not get sick. It is not always possible to meet all the necessary requirements collectively but if you look into some of the recommendations, you will get an idea as to what will work best. For instance, if you are Building a Chicken Coop on top of a slope, then you should think about how the wind will affect it and whether a foolproof cage would be best. Likewise, if you want to build it offsite, then think about all the possible predators, like raccoons, and build a cage tough enough to protect your chickens against such dangers.

If you want to be able to switch its location every now and then, building a movable or portable coop should be the best option because it will allow you to change the location as you deem fit. A portable coop would have to be small and light so you can move it easily. It will also cover less space than the regular or standard coop but it would need less maintenance. Cost is another one of the reasons why some people opt for portable types; they cost less and are easier to handle. But depending on the number of chickens you are rearing, portable coops may or may not be ideal for you.

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In order to facilitate easy cleaning, you will need to build a door big enough for a person to fit through so you can clean it without suffering backaches. The chicken will also need room to roost and this can be done on woodpiles or the top of their feeders so give them space. If you make a roosting place a few feet above the ground you will need to make it easy for chickens to get to it; this can be done by crafting a piece of wood that they can use to get up there with. The wood should have a rough surface so that it is easy to climb. Building a Chicken Coop is easy enough if you know what your chickens need in order to be most productive and if you print out the blueprints of the cage and mark out any possible adjustments, you should not have a problem.

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